Ethiopian Opal La Larme Charm
Ethiopian Opal La Larme Charm
Ethiopian Opal La Larme Charm

Ethiopian Opal La Larme Charm

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  • 5mm genuine Ethiopian opal set in sterling silver in a shadowbox style teardrop setting.
  • Accented with a single sterling bead and cut outs.
  • Pendant measures approx. 13mm wide and 22mm long.
  • Comes with an 18" sterling silver curb chain.
  • ETHIOPIAN OPALS: Please be aware of the nature of Ethiopian opals and care for them just as you should all your handmade, quality jewelry: Ethiopian Opals are "hydrophane", which makes them thirsty for water. If the opals come in contact with water, they will absorb it like a sponge. If the opals are left in water and allowed to soak it up, they may lose their fire temporarily and turn yellow or brown. When the opals dry out they will regain their fire. To prevent this, always remove your jewelry when showering or any water activity.
  • Perfect for layering or wearing alone, a beautiful and sweet necklace.
  • Please NOTE: the worn picture may not reflect the actual listing but is intended to show size reference along with necklace length. Please refer to the primary picture for actual listing.
  • Handmade with love for the Earth!
  • Feel free to ask any questions.
  • Please allow 1-3 business days for processing and shipping.